Install a Pocket Door to Save Space in your Bathroom or other Rooms.

Posted by Ronald Seidle Jr on

Installing a Pocket Door in your Bathroom ( or other Room ) is a better choice than a hinged door.

Adding a Pocket Door will add 10-15  square feet of usable floor space in your bathroom.

Pocket Doors  give you a little more design flexibility, particularly in tight spaces like powder rooms, bathrooms, because you don’t have the issue of blocking any cabinet drawers or wall fixtures as you might with a hinged door.

Our Pocket Door Frame Kits are very sturdy with Solid Wood Poplar Headers, Poplar nailing strips on the front studs, galvanized steel floor brackets, all steel studs made with welded steel rectangular tubing, and are available in standard and custom sizes up to 6/0 x 10/0

Our Pocket Door Frame Kits are in stock, ready to ship.